Bootcamp Squad Motivational & Efficiency Training

This award-winning workshop is designed to coach and empower your companies employees by combining the mind and the body and using them together targeting mental health, balance and harmony.

The workshop is broken down into 2 parts:

The Butterfly Programme (30 minutes)

Utilising techniques and methodologies that are easy to apply, maximising motivation, efficiency and opportunity. This Training is designed to impact immediately, achieving;

Higher motivation
Lower stress levels
Improved team morale
Better communication
Greater positivity
Increased willingness
Less conflict
Enhanced commitment

• An introduction to physiology, and the massive control this has over our mind sets
• A conscious awareness of how much time we spend “above or below the line”
• Assistance with identifying and eliminating issues in the workplace

The techniques taught are designed to develop the abilities of those who practice them. They are simple and easy to apply and effective immediately.

This set of techniques will show you how a positive mind can result in you performing at optimal level.

The mind plays a huge role in performance, motivation and efficiency and does determine on a day by day basis on how your performance will be.

It will put your mindset in that peak state day in day out all day everyday.

Our mind can be so detrimental to our performance whether that being mentally or physically. We will show you how to be the best version of yourself and to understand the way your mind is working in aiding your performance.

Our training once utilised will ultimately increase productivity, increase staff retention and allow individuals to give “that little extra”. Quite simply organisations with teams of individuals all displaying the above features WILL achieve higher successes than a comparable team without these features.

The Battleground (fitness workout) (30 minutes)

This is a circuit based workout which is fun, loud, inclusive and uses equipment. Scaled for all fitness abilities.

All 10 physical skills are incorporated to boost an individuals performance.


This fun workshop will bring your team together and give them results both within and outside of the workplace enhancing their performance, productivity and motivation.

The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping into our battleground