School Workshop

This award winning workshop is designed to coach and empower children to deal with all situations that life throws at them by giving them strategies, techniques and tools for life.

Through this workshop children learn to become powerful ninjas of their own minds and bodies.

The scheme of work fulfils OFSTED’s criteria of PHSE.

The workshop is broken down into 3 parts:

The butterfly Programme:
Children are taught techniques which they can apply easily and immediately in their everyday life at school and at home.
Children will learn that they have the power to determine the choices they make on a daily basis to be the best version of themselves (whatever that may look like) making them into powerful humans for the next generations to come.


Children will have:
• Increased Self-confidence
• Raised Self esteem
• Trust in their abilities
• Improved performance
• Higher Attainment
• Overcoming limiting Boundaries or Obstacles
• Empathy for others
• Anger Management
• Listening Skills
• Goal Setting

Children will learn and master:
• Managing Feelings
• Social Skills
• Self Awareness
• Empathy
• Motivation
• Changing Your Behaviour
• Managing Their Thinking
• Making Different Choices
• Communication Skills
• Listening Skills
• Being Happy

The Battleground (fitness workout) (30 minutes)
This is a circuit based workout, which is fun, loud, inclusive and uses equipment.
All key stages appropriate, scaled for age appropriateness and all abilities.

All 10 physical fitness skills are incorporated to boost their functional body and movements.
Nutrition (10 minutes)

An interactive session of challenges and goals to achieve healthier eating and drinking. Fun, educational but being accountable for the choices they are making for what they consume on a daily basis.

The workshop is fun, educational and builds them up to be powerful little ninjas of their own minds and bodies.

Getting their bodies moving and introducing fitness into their lifestyle along with the butterfly programme targets mental health, balance and harmony for the child.

Max of 40 children per workshop.

The creation of powerful future generations starts on our battleground.